Siang Lim

BASc. Chemical Engineering, Minor in Computer Science
The University of British Columbia (2017)

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Work and Project Experience


Engineering Co-op

As a co-op student in the Energy Solutions group, I provided technical and engineering support for FortisBC's commercial and industrial Energy Efficiency & Conservation (EEC) programs.

UBC APSC 160 Course Staff

Co-Lead Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

As co-Lead TA (Marking), I assisted the instructors with course and lab organisation and coordinated a team of 40 TAs that handled over 600 students, ensuring consistent grading practices across different lab sections.

UBC MathBio Group

Undergraduate Research Assistant

I developed and refined a biophysical model for cell polarization and intercalation during Drosophila germband extension.

UBC Chem-E-Car


I expanded an award-winning engineering design team from 7 to 40+ members in 2 academic years and launched new projects in process automation and energy storage.

Mantra Energy

Engineering Intern

I worked on projects related to the electrochemical conversion of carbon dioxide to value-added chemicals.

UBC Fuel Cells Lab


I investigated catalyst performance for oxygen reduction reaction (ORR). I learned and applied various materials characterization (SEM, XRD, AFM etc) and electrochemical experimental techniques including cyclic voltammetry (CV) and rotating disk electrode (RDE) setups.



I've used Python (and the SciPy package in particular) in the following projects and coursework: mathematical biology research, machine learning (CPSC 340) and artificial intelligence (CPSC 322).


I assisted students with writing and debugging their C code as a TA for APSC 160 and I've implemented an FTP server in C for a CPSC 317 (Internet Computing) project.


I've implemented a DNS resolver client in Java for a CPSC 317 (Internet Computing) project and used Java for course work in CPSC 210 (Software Construction).

Front-End Dev

I'm familiar with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Git version control and SEO concepts. I've worked on several websites (aside from this one) including the UBC Chem-E-Car team website and the CHBE Council site.

Back-End Dev

I've implemented projects in Ruby on Rails (finApp) and Node.js (with an Arduino device for controlling lab equipment). I've worked with cloud services like Digital Ocean, AWS EC2, S3 and Heroku.

I've designed several award-winning technical posters for various competitions and conferences:

UBC Chem-E-Car Nationals 2016

First Place (out of 41 international teams)

UBC Chem-E-Car Regionals 2017

First Place (out of 6 teams)

Strong fundamentals in chemical engineering coursework (A-average) coupled with 20 months of work experience in natural gas utilities, cleantech and computational research. In addition, 2 years of hands-on technical experience working on various engineering projects with the UBC Chem-E-Car team.


Check out some of the stuff I've been working on | @ubcenvision

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