Projects, publications and other stuff I’ve worked on.

Publications and Conferences

Lim C. Siang, Rodrigo Fernandez-Gonzalez, James J. Feng
Modeling cell intercalation during Drosophila germband extension
Mathematical model of germband extension described using T1 transitions and rosette resolution. This work extends the results of Lan et al. (2015) from 4 cells to a larger tissue.
Physical Biology. September 2018
Roza Vaez Ghaemi, Lim C. Siang, Vikramaditya G. Yadav
Improving the Rate of Translation of Tissue Engineering Products
Review paper investigating causes behind the slow translation of tissue engineering publications to commercial products. Demonstrates application of NLP and text mining techniques to classify 20 years of patent data.
Advanced Healthcare Materials. August 2019
Yiting Tsai, Susan A. Baldwin, Lim C. Siang, Bhushan Gopaluni
A Comparison of Clustering and Prediction Methods for Identifying Key Chemical–Biological Features Affecting Bioreactor Performance
Paper compares several machine learning methods for feature selection and performance prediction in bioreactors using both process and biological data.
Processes. September 2019
Yiting Tsai, Qiugang Lu, Lee Rippon, Siang Lim, Aditya Tulsyan, Bhushan Gopaluni
Pattern and Knowledge Extraction using Process Data Analytics: A Tutorial
Tutorial paper at ADCHEM2018 reviewing ML techniques for process data analytics.
IFAC-PapersOnLine. October 2018


Athanasios Kritharis, Siang Lim, Shams Elnawawi, and Josh Donaldson
Internet of Brewing (IoB) - The Digital Revolution Meets Beer
An invited student workshop at AIChE 2017. Presented on-campus beer brewing ideas (and fundraising ideas) to a full room of over 100 enthusiastic undergraduate students.
AIChE Student Conference. November 2017
Siang Lim and many others (around 40? others)
UBC Chem-E-Car
Made some batteries, designed some posters, did some vice-captaining, built some websites. Won a few awards and competed/presented in some cool cities including San Francisco, Corvalis, Minneapolis and Barcelona.
UBC Envision. 2015-2017
Alex Murdock, Michael Olson, Siang Lim, Joban Laura, Ajai Hundal, Mandeep Sidhu
Acid Reign
Chemical engineering capstone on sulfuric acid and oleum production. We made t-shirts, a website and a sweet poster. We also won 3 awards.
UBC Chemical Engineering Capstone. April 2017
Siang Lim
Star-Nosed Mole
Modeled and animated a star-nosed mole from scratch by applying 4x4 transformation matrices (translations, rotations, reflections, scalings etc.) on unit cubes.
CPSC 314 Hall of Fame. March 2016
Siang Lim
Kill the Clowns
Shoot flying pigs at angry, scary clowns. FPS game designed using three.js for CPSC 314's final project.
Play the Game. April 2016