Modeling Drosophila Germband Extension

Mathematical and computational biology research: development of a biophysical model for cell polarization and intercalation during Drosophila germband extension with Prof. J. Feng’s research group. Our goal is to extend the vertex-based model developed in Lan et al. (2015) to a larger tissue and study higher order structures known as rosettes. Model implemented in Python and MATLAB. Received 2nd place for a poster presentation on this topic at the 2017 Pacific Northwest AIChE Regional Conference.

Acid Reign

Chemical engineering capstone project in a team of 6 on sulphuric acid and oleum production in collaboration with NORAM Engineering. Our team received the Dean's Award for this capstone project "in recognition of the excellence of the recipient's work within the University of British Columbia's Faculty of Applied Science".

UBC Chem-E-Car Regionals 2017

The 2017 Regionals car is our team's first open source car design. We've uploaded our poster template, design documentation, Arduino codes and CAD models on our project website and they are freely available for anyone to download, share, use and improve on.


Implemented a team expense tracking web app in Ruby on Rails for UBC Chem-E-Car. Provides our team administrators a convenient and systematic way to submit and review new purchases and track orders. Implemented Facebook authentication and authorization to set different levels of permissions for each user. Integrated with Slack to provide notifications for reviewing and approving orders. The app allows public access for viewing orders as part of our team's effort to be financially transparent and accountable.

DNS Resolver Client

Implemented a DNS resolver that can parse UDP datagrams and interact with various DNS servers to resolve a domain name into an IP address. The client can handle IPv4 and IPv6 queries, correctly parse different responses (recursively resolve CNAMEs) and print a trace of all queries made and responses received. Implemented the client in Java as a team project with Daphne Bliss-Rosval for CPSC 317's Project 2. Received full marks (and +2 bonus for working in a team) for the assignment (67/65).

Kill the Clowns

A 3D FPS game implemented in three.js with advanced features: shader manipulation, collision detection, procedural generation of grass etc. Win the game by killing all ball-shaped clowns with flying pigs. Implemented for CPSC 314's Final Project - "Your Own Game".

Star-nosed Mole

Modeled a star-nosed mole for CPSC 314's Project 1 using unit cubes and 4x4 matrix transformations to position and deform them in three.js. Implemented joint animations and interactive controls. My model was selected as the best project in class and inducted into the course's Hall of Fame 2016.